Calle Håkansson

Calle Håkansson

Associate Research Fellow

Calle Håkansson is an Associate Research Fellow at the Europe Program of the Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI) and holds a Ph.D. in Global Politics. His research primarily focuses on the EU's role in defence and security, with a specific emphasis on the growing influence of the European Commission in this domain.

During his time at UI, Calle has been involved in various projects related to European, Nordic, and Swedish foreign, defence, and security policies. His research has been published by outlets such as the Journal of European Integration, European Security, Defence Studies, the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), and the Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies (Sieps).

He has also written about and provided commentary on European politics in Swedish and international news media, including SVT, Politico, Sveriges Radio, Danmarks Radio, NRC Handelsblad, Euronews, Svenska Dagbladet, and Dagens Industri.

Expertise Areas
European Union (EU), European integration, EU's foreign and security policy, NATO, European defence and security policy

Selected Publications
Calle Håkansson (2023). The Ukraine war and the emergence of the European Commission as a geopolitical actor, Journal of European Integration.

Calle Håkansson (2023). The Strengthened role of the European Union in defence: the case of the Military Mobility project, Defence Studies, Vol. 23(3), p. 436 – 456.

Calle Håkansson (2022). Where does the Compass point? The European Commission’s role in the development of EU security and defence policy, European View, Vol. 21(1), p. 5-12.

Calle Håkansson (2021). The European Commission’s new role in EU security and defence cooperation: the case of the European Defence Fund, European Security, Vol. 30(4): p. 589-608.

Calle Håkansson (2021). From neutrality to solidarity: Sweden and EU security and defence cooperation. In Franke, U. & Cramer, C. (eds.) (2021). The Defensive Union and Special Status Countries – Opt-out or on the way out. European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR).


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