Calle Håkansson

Calle Håkansson


Calle Håkansson joined UI in 2018. He conducts research on EU foreign and security policy, principally in relation to new projects such as PESCO and the European Defence Fund.

Calle has a master degree in political science with a focus on security studies from the Swedish Defence University and a Bachelor's degree in political science from Uppsala University. His previous work includes issues such as Brexit and Swedish foreign policy.

Publications (select)
Björn Fägersten, August Danielson & Calle Håkansson (2018) ‘’Sweden and European defence cooperation: interests in search of a strategy’’, UI Brief, No. 10 2018, Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI).

Calle Håkansson (2018) ‘’Demokrati i en tid av desinformation’’, Svenska Dagbladet, 4 November 2018.

Calle Håkansson (2018) ’’Tyst i Sverige när EU utvecklar försvarssamarbete’’, Utrikesmagasinet, 8 November 2018.

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