Björn Jerdén

Björn Jerdén

Head of Programme and Research Fellow

Björn Jerdén is the Head of UI's Asia Programme. Björn's research focuses on the international relations of China, Japan and the United States.

Björn Jerdén has a PhD in political science from Stockholm University. He has been a visiting fellow at National Chengchi University, National Taiwan University and Harvard University.

For information on Björn Jerdén's research project, please visit Expertise and International Security in East Asia.

Björn Jerdén was recently interviewed by BBC World about Sweden's relations with China.

Areas of expertise

Security politics, great power politics, China, Japan, the United States

Publications (select)

Security Expertise and International Hierarchy: The Case of ‘The Asia-Pacific Epistemic Community’, Review of International Studies, 43(4): 494–515.

The Assertive China Narrative: Why It Is Wrong and How So Many Still Bought into It, The Chinese Journal of International Politics, 7(1): 47–88.

East Asia’s Power Shift: The Flaws and Hazards of the Debate and How to Avoid Them, Asian Perspective, 38(3): 337–362. With Linus Hagström.


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