Björn Jerdén

Björn Jerdén

Centre Director

Björn Jerdén is Director of the Swedish National China Centre.

Björn Jerdén has a PhD in political science from Stockholm University. He has been a visiting fellow at National Chengchi University, National Taiwan University, National Chengkung University and Harvard University. Björn participates in the  European Think-tank Network on China. He speaks Japanese and Chinese.

Areas of expertise

Security politics, great power politics, China, Japan, the United States

Recent publications

What do Swedes think about China? Insights from an extensive survey of Swedish public opinion of China, UI Paper, 2020. With Tim Rühlig, Richard Turcsányi, Renáta Sedláková, Matej Šimalčík and Kristina Kironská.

Sweden: Not quite friends in need with China amid the Covid-19 crisis, in Covid-19 and Europe-China relations: A country level analysis, European Think-tank Network on China, 2020.

Little to cheer about: Sweden in the face of US-Chinese rivalry, in Europe in the Face of US-China Rivalry, European Think-tank Network on China, 2020.

Sweden-South Korea relations: Stretching beyond economic interests, in Mapping out EU-South Korea relations: Key member states’ perspectives, KF-VUB Korea Chair, 2020.


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