Axel Nordenstam

Axel Nordenstam

Associate Fellow

Axel Nordenstam is an Associate Fellow at the UI Asia Program, focusing on India within the UI South Asia Initiative. His research encompasses EU-India relations, Indian foreign- and climate policy, and the Indo-Pacific.

Nordenstam is a PhD Candidate in International Relations at the Department of Economic History and International Relations, Stockholm University. In 2021, he was listed as Top 40 Under 40 Europe India Leaders.

Following his presidency for the Swedish Association of International Affairs, Nordenstam has interned at Human Rights Watch in New York as well as at the political section at the Embassy of Sweden in New Delhi. Nordenstam holds a MA (with Distinction) in Contemporary European Studies from the University of Bath, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin and Freie Universität Berlin. He also holds a B.Sc in Political Science from the University of Gothenburg.

Publications (select)

Axel Nordenstam (2021), A Shared Understanding of India’s Climate Policy? Insights from a Survey of Indian Climate Experts, UI Paper, No. 5 2021, Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI).

Henrik Chetan Aspengren, Emil Lidén, and Axel Nordenstam (2021), Circles of EU-India Engagement: How India Cooperates with Member States on Global Issues, UI Paper, No. 1 2021, Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI).

Henrik Chetan Aspengren & Axel Nordenstam, ‘What Strategies can do for Strategic Partnerships: Lessons from the EU’s Strategy on India’ in EU-India Relations: The Strategic Partnership in the Light of the European Union Global Strategy edited by Philipp Gieg et al., Springer.

Henrik Chetan Aspengren & Axel Nordenstam (2020), A proposal for coordinated climate action: a multi-layered Indo-European opportunity, EU-India Think Tanks Twinning Initiative 2020-2022.

Henrik Chetan Aspengren & Axel Nordenstam (2019), The Partnership Shift: Analysing the European Union’s Strategic Engagement with India, UI Paper, No. 9 2019, Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI).

Henrik Chetan Aspengren & Axel Nordenstam (2019), Now is the time to scale up cooperation between India and the EU, ET Commentary, 2019-08-11, Economic Times.



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