August Danielson

August Danielson

Associate Research Fellow

August Danielson is an Associate Research Fellow at the Europe Programme, Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI) and a Postdoctoral researcher in Political Science at Linköping University. His research focuses on diplomacy, International Relations theory and EU foreign and security policy.

August Danielson holds a PhD in Political Science from Uppsala University and has previously worked at the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He has also worked as a research assistant and programme manager at UI. His research has been published in the Journal of Common Market Studies, Review of International Studies, International Studies Review and Journal of International Relations and Development. He is also a co-author to the open access book The Everyday Making of EU Foreign and Security Policy: Practices, Socialization and the Management of Dissent (Elgar Online 2022). 

Areas of expertise: CFSP/CSDP, PESCO, Transatlantic relations, International organizations


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