Astrid Nordin

Astrid Nordin

Associate Research Fellow

Astrid Nordin researches Chinese politics and international relations, including Chinese foreign policy, Chinese academics’ worldview, China’s Internat, and hard and soft power in and beyond East Asia.

Astrid Nordin’s work at UI is focused on a research project that explores the notion of a power shift in East Asia. She is also a lecturer at Lancaster University, UK, and associate director of the Institute for Social Futures. She is particularly interested in knowledge exchange with non-academic stakeholders, and is accessible for media interviews regardless of location.

Astrid Nordin’s book China’s International Relations and Harmonious World: Time, Space and Multiplicity in World Politics was published in 2016 with Routledge. She has recently published articles in journals such as Review of International Studies, Millennium, Alternatives and China Information, and the co-edited volume Chinese politics and international relations: Innovation and Invention with Routledge.

Areas of expertise:

China, East Asia, war, propaganda and censorship, megaevents, cultural debate


(2016) China’s International Relations and Harmonious World: Time, Space and Multiplicity in World Politics, Abingdon and New York, Routledge.

 (2016) ‘Futures beyond the West? Autoimmunity in China’s harmonious world’, Review of International Studies, 42(1): 156-77.

 (2015) ‘Targeting the Ontology of War: From Clausewitz to Baudrillard’, Millennium: Journal of International Studies, 43 (2): 392-410. With D. Öberg.

 (2014) Chinese Politics and International Relations: Innovation and Invention, London, Routledge. Edited with N. Horsburgh & S. Breslin.

 (2014) ‘Subverting Official Language and Discourse in China? Type River Crab for Harmony’, China Information, 28(1): 47-67. With L. Richaud.

 (2012) ‘How soft is "soft power"? Unstable dichotomies at Expo 2010’, Asian Perspective, 36(4): 591-613.

In media:

 A. Nordin (2016) Why China takes a softly-softly line on North Korea. The Conversation.

 A. Nordin (2015) The soft power of president Xi’s UK state visit. The China Policy Institute.

 A. Nordin (2015) Expo Milano: What are world’s fairs for?. The Conversation.



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