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Aron Lund

Aron Lund

Associate Fellow

Aron Lund is an associate fellow with the Swedish Institute of International Affairs.

A Swedish freelance writer and researcher on Middle Eastern affairs, he is currently a fellow with The Century Foundation of New York and the Centre for Syrian Studies at St. Andrew’s University, and was formerly a nonresident fellow with the Middle East Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. He is also a regular columnist for IRIN News.

His publications include two Swedish-language books on Syria’s history and politics, Drömmen om Damaskus (2010) and Syrien brinner (2014), the English-language Divided They Stand (2012), several reports and book chapters, and articles for magazines like Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, and Politico, as well as for think tanks like the Carnegie Middle East Center, Middle East Institute, and SIPRI. He has published several reports and articles for the Swedish Institute of International Affairs since 2006.

Lund has an M.A. from the Oriental Studies Program at Uppsala University and has studied Arabic in Damascus, Algiers, Amman, and Cairo.

The Century Foundation
Carnegie Endowment

Languages: Swedish, English, Arabic, some French.

Areas of Expertise: Middle East and North Africa, Syria, Western Sahara, Islamist movements.


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