Anna Vidén

Anna Vidén

Associate Research Fellow

Anna Vidén is an Associate Research Fellow at The Middle East and North Africa programme at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI).

Anna has a PhD in History from Sciences Po, Paris and a MA in Geopolitics from l’Institut Français de Géopolitique, Paris-Université VIII. Anna is an independent geopolitical analyst who is part of the GlobalWonks consulting network. She previously taught International Relations and US foreign policy in the Middle East at the University of Pennsylvania and International Studies at Charles University in Prague. She has also held the position as Program Coordinator at the Middle East Center at the University of Pennsylvania.

Anna’s research focuses on the strategic Saudi-US relations from a historical och contemporary perspective. Her research also deals with the dynamics of Saudi domestic and foreign policy, the International Relations of the MENA region and the US-MENA relations.

Areas of Expertise 
US Foreign Policy, Saudi Arabia, Saudi-US relations, US-Egypt relations, religion in International Relations, MENA International Relations, US-MENA relations, MENA IPE, MENA after the Arab Uprisings

English, French and Spanish

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