Anna Michalski

Anna Michalski

Senior Associate Research Fellow

Anna Michalski is associated senior researcher with UI’s Europe programme, associate professor at the Department of Government, Uppsala University, and chair for the Swedish Network for European Studies in Political Science. Her research focuses on foreign policy, the ties between EU and China and the importance of strategic partnerships in international politics.

Anna Michalski has a PhD in international relations from the London School of Economics. She has been working at several Swedish and international research institutes, including the Fudan University in Shanghai and the University of Auckland, New Zeeland. She has also worked at the EU Commission's former think tank, Cellule de prospective.

Anna has published several articles in international journals on the topic of EU’s foreign policy as well as books and anthologies for Edward Elgar, Palgrave and Studentlitteratur. She also co-edits the book series Europaperspektiv (Santérus publishing house) and Interdisciplinary European Studies (Palgrave).



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