Alexandra Buylova

Alexandra Buylova

Research Fellow

Alexandra Buylova is a research fellow at the Global Politics and Security Programme at UI.

Alexandra joined Swedish Institute of International Affairs in July 2022 after completing her postdoc at the Department of Political Science at Stockholm University. Her current research focuses on climate governance, more specifically examining national level decarbonization strategies and policies, scrutinizing the role of state and non-state actors in climate action, and the role of the UNFCCC in climate cooperation. She is a part of a Formas project on climate clubs and a Swedish Energy Agency project on sustainable energy transformation in cities and the EU Cities Mission. She holds a PhD in Public Policy from Oregon State University (2018). 

Areas of Expertise
International climate governance, climate and energy policy, qualitative analysis


Buylova, A., Nasiritousi, N., & Reischl, G. (2023). 2022 Climate year in review. UI Brief No. 1, January 2023.

Buylova, A., Fridahl, M., Nasiritousi, N. et al. Climate action in the making: business and civil society views on the world’s first carbon border levy. Clim Action 1, 17 (2022).

Buylova, A., Fridahl, M., Nasiritousi, N., and Reischl, G. (2021). “Cancel (out) emissions? The envisaged role of carbon dioxide removal technologies within long-term national climate strategies”. Frontiers Climate.

Buylova, A. (2020). Spotlight on energy burden in Oregon: Investigating dynamics between energy use and socio-demographic characteristics in spatial modeling of residential energy consumption. Energy Policy.



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