Inga praktikanter VT2021

Tyvärr har vi inte kapacitet att ta emot praktikanter vårterminen 2021, med anledning av pandemin. Vi ser fram emot att välkomna nya praktikanter längre fram!

Swapnil Vashishtha

Swapnil Vashishtha


Swapnil Vashishtha is an intern at the Europe Programme, and a bachelor’s student studying a double major in Business Administration and Political Science at Stockholm University.

She has studied courses in Economics at Copenhagen Business School Summer School and will be studying Political Science electives in an exchange at Institut d'Etudes Politique de Paris (Sciences Po Paris) in her fourth and final year as a bachelor’s student.

She is currently writing her thesis is Business Administration with a focus on Marketing and has written a thesis in Political Science with a focus on security in Southeast Asia, specifically the Philippines. At UI, Swapnil is working with Mark Rhinard on a project on creeping crises.


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