Karina Shyrokykh

Karina Shyrokykh

Associerad forskare

Karina Shyrokykh is an Associate Research Fellow at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs. She specializes in EU’s external democracy promotion and autocratization dynamics in the post-Soviet countries.

Karina was a postdoctoral fellow in Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich, Germany; a visiting researcher in ETH Zurich and Stockholm University; a research assistant in Stockholm University and Uppsala University.

Karina holds a PhD degree in political science from Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich, Germany and an MA degree in political science from Stockholm University. Her recent publications focus on EU’s instruments of external human rights promotion, international public administration networks, and autocratization of Eastern Partnership countries.

Areas of expertise:
European Union’s foreign policy, human rights, post-Soviet countries, European Neighbourhood Policy



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