Inga praktikanter VT2021

Tyvärr har vi inte kapacitet att ta emot praktikanter vårterminen 2021, med anledning av pandemin. Vi ser fram emot att välkomna nya praktikanter längre fram!

Jeanine Schriemer

Jeanine Schriemer


Jeanine Schriemer is an intern at the Middle East and North Africa Program at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs.

She is currently pursuing a Master in International Security at Institute d’études politiques de Paris (Sciences Po) and holds a bachelor in Liberal Arts and Sciences from Leiden University College.

At Sciences Po, Jeanine is concentrating her studies on diplomacy and the Middle East region. She also has previous experience with The West Wing Think Tank, a youth think tank for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where she worked on arms proliferation in the Gulf region.

Within the Middle East and North Africa region, her interests include nuclear weapons and arms proliferation, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the geopolitics of the Gulf region.


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