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How does populist resistance to ambitious climate change policy play out in the Nordic context? New report: Climate Change and Populism

When we look back on the corona pandemic, what will we remember? Which experiences will be part of the corona narrative? Johanna Mannergren Selimovic analyses the politics and power of memory in a new column in Utrikesmagasinet.

How does the coronavirus affect democracy, equality and rights? Emil Edenborg disects the effects of current politics on reproductive and LBTQ rights in The UI Podcast. (Swedish)

New theme page: The Climate Year 2020.

What does a border researcher make of the current international developments  to limit the spread of the coronavirus? Sofie Berglund interviewed Johanna Pettersson for Utrikesmagasinet. (Swedish)

What does polarisation and populism have to do with the coronavirus? Gunilla Reischl analyses the coronavirus' implications for global politics and security in The UI Podcast. (Swedish)

How is the most powerful UN organ handling climate change? That is what Sofie Berglund asks in her latest UI Paper "Reaching Climate Security: How Climate Change Moved Up the Security Council Agenda".

Our researcher Elin Jakobsson has authored a report on climate change and migration for the think tank Fores.

A new UI Paper by Johanna Pettersson analyses trends in global border politics.

New article by our researcher Emil Edenborg in Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics: "Russian LGBT Politics and Rights".


Highlights from the seminar "Climate change as identity politics".


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