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Europe’s future security landscape

Europe’s future security landscape

Our 2018 project on Europe’s future security landscape draws on all three of the programs research themes – intergration and disintegration, European security, and Europe’s global role – and will produce forward-looking research articles, policy briefs and commentary during the year.

2017 was a volatile year for European security cooperation – more was done in 10 months than in the previous 10 years, according to High Representative Federica Mogherini. Looking to the future, how will current initiatives contribute to European security? How will the transatlantic relationship and EU-Nato cooperation be affected? And what role will be played by France and Germany inside the EU and UK on the outside?  

UI Briefs:

The future of the French-German axis and its implications for European security and defence
Major, C., Mölling, C. & Höltmann, G. (2018) UI Brief no. 2, February 2018.

UK foreign and security policy post-Brexit: The search for a European Strategy
Whitman, Rhichard (2018) UI Brief no. 1, February 2018

UI Podcasts:

Listen in on Christian Mölling explaining future scenarios for the Franco-German axis and their implications for European security and defence on our UI Podcast:

Listen to Richard Whitman at the seminar 'The future of European security and defense — challenges and pathways' on our UI Podcast.


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