UI reserves all intellectual property rights in the content on,, Utrikesmagasinet, Landguiden, Världspolitikens Dagsfrågor, Länder i Fickformat, UI Papers and UI Briefs.

Said material is, amongst other things, protected by copyright law and, in the absence of UI’s written consent, may not be republished, made available or reproduced physically, digitally or in any other way whatsoever. This also applies to protected compilations of facts and statistics as well as to link lists. The User must not, amongst other things:

a) use the aforementioned protected information or details in compiling own or third-party databases or transfer the information/details into a machine-readable form or similar, or b) physically, digitally or in any other way whatsoever produce examples, publish or make available said information or details.

Notwithstanding the above, the Customer is entitled to quote from the material (with UI’s material as the source) provided that the Customer respects good practice and quotation is to the extent that is reasonable for the purpose in question. The Customer is also entitled to use the materials for its own internal and private use. However, commercial further use of the material always requires UI’s written consent. Where the Customer is uncertain how it may use the material, the Customer is welcome to contact UI.

Where the Customer is not a private person, the Customer undertakes to ensure that all members of the Customer’s personnel are informed of the content of these General Terms and Conditions.
The Customer undertakes that, if and when it becomes aware of unlawful use of UI’s materials, texts, images or any other information and/or details, it will immediately inform UI of this.
The Customer is responsible for all damage suffered by UI as a result of unauthorised access or use of any of UI’s services/products, where said access or use is attributable to the Customer.


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