Natalia Mamonova

Natalia Mamonova

Research Fellow

Natalia Mamonova is a Research Fellow at the Russia and Eurasia Programme, Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI).

Natalia’s research interests primarily focus on contemporary grassroots politics in Russia and Ukraine. She studies the political behaviour of ordinary people who live far from capital cities. Much of her work focuses on rural social movements, food sovereignty, everyday (hidden) resistance, authoritarian populism and state-society relations in post-socialist settings.

Her current research project addresses naïve monarchism and within-the-system protest in Putin’s Russia. Natalia studies how ordinary Russians employ the naïve monarchist myth in a benevolent president and evil officials in their protests, and the impact of this myth on political stability in contemporary Russia. 

Natalia received her PhD degree in 2016 from the Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University, the Netherlands. After completing her PhD, she was a visiting researcher at the University of Oxford and a research fellow at the New Europe College in Bucharest.

Two of her articles (‘Resistance or adaptation? Ukrainian peasants’ responses to land grabbing’ and ‘Naive Monarchism and Rural Resistance in Contemporary Russia’) received ‘The Best Article’ awards from Erasmus University in 2016 and 2017.



Understanding the silent majority in authoritarian populism: What can we learn from popular support for Putin in the rural Russia?  (article in The Journal of
Peasant Studies)

Right-Wing Populism and Counter-Movements in Rural Europe (article for  Agricultrual and Rural Convention, ARC2020) 

Vladimir Putin – a tsar without loyal subjects? (article in Utrikesmagasinet)

Vladimir Putin and the rural roots of authoritarian populism in Russia (blogpost in Open Democracy)

Patriotism, Food Sovereignty & Contemporary Ukraine (popular article for Agricultrual and Rural Convention, ARC2020)

Patriotism and Food Sovereignty: Changes in the Social Imaginary of Small‐Scale Farming in Post‐Euromaidan Ukraine (peer-reviewed academic article in Sociologia Ruralis)


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