Henriette Tjäder

Henriette Tjäder

Associate Fellow

Henriette Tjäder is working as Associate Fellow with the Asia Programme at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs. Her work is focused on India, such as domestic and foreign politics, democracy and human rights, as well as the relations between India and the EU.

Henriette holds a Bachelor’s degree in Indology and Political Science and a Master’s degree in Human Rights from Uppsala University. She has studied Hindi in Sweden and in India, and has a good understanding of India and South Asia from a historical as well as a contemporary perspective. Henriette has previously been working as an intern at the Department for Asia and the Pacific at the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, and has most recently been working with migration issues at the Swedish Migration Agency.

Her interests involve the regional dynamics of South Asia, and India in particular, regarding for example domestic and foreign politics, human rights and migration.



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