Anke Schmidt-Felzmann

Anke Schmidt-Felzmann

Research Fellow

Anke Schmidt-Felzmann is a foreign and security policy research fellow in the Europe and Russia programme, focusing on security challenges from Russia in the Baltic Sea and Eastern neighbourhood. She joined the Swedish Institute of International Affairs in July 2014.

Anke Schmidt-Felzmann holds a PhD (EU-Russia relations) from Glasgow University. She worked as VR post-doc on the EU as a global actor at Stockholm University and at Dalarna as a Senior Lecturer in IR. Before moving to Sweden in September 2011, she was an IR lecturer at Maastricht University.

Following Russia’s annexation of Crimea, her research concentrates on hard security, total defence, information warfare and the challenges Russian actions pose for EU and NATO member states in the Baltic Sea, energy markets, strategic energy and information infrastructure protection, trade disputes with Russia and the EU’s sanctions policy.

She has developed a large national and international network of contacts in the academic and policy fields, participating regularly in public discussions in Sweden and other European countries on foreign, security and energy policy and presenting her research at international academic conferences. She gained policy work experience at DG Relex of the European Commission, the CBSS and State Chancellory of Schleswig-Holstein. She has been a visiting researcher at SWP in Berlin, CEURUS in Tartu, ARENA in Oslo, CEP at Copenhagen and LIIA in Riga.

Areas of expertise

EU-Russia, Cyber security, Information warfare, Baltic Sea Security, Nordic-Baltic foreign and security policy, Energy security, Eastern Partnership.


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Schmidt-Felzmann, Anke (2016) After the war in Ukraine: peace building and reconciliation in spite of the external aggressor, in Samuel Goda, Oleksandr Tytarchuk, Maksym Khylko (eds) International Crisis Management: NATO, EU, OSCE and Civil Society, NATO Science for Peace and Security Series, E: Human and Societal Dynamics, vol 127, IOS Press, 151 – 161.

Schmidt-Felzmann, Anke (2016) The Breakdown of the EU’s Strategic Partnership with Russia: From Strategic Patience towards a Strategic Failure, Cambridge Review of International Affairs, 29(1).

Schmidt-Felzmann, Anke (2015) Taking the neighbours seriously – the view from Stockholm, ECFR Riga Papers: Views from EU countries, 19 May,

Schmidt-Felzmann, Anke (2014) Is the EU’s failed relationship with Russia the member states’ fault? L'Europe en Formation 4/2014 (n° 374), 40-60. 

Schmidt-Felzmann, Anke (2011) EU Member States' Energy Relations with Russia: Conflicting Approaches to Securing Natural Gas Supplies., Geopolitics, 16 (3), 574-599.

In media

On the Swedish and German perspective on Baltic Sea region energy security, Latvian Institute of International Affairs & Konrad Adenauer Stiftung,Riga, 17 October 2016   (presentation from minute 46:10).

On Russian discreditation attempts directed at Sweden and the Eastern Partnership policy - Vilnius Democracy Forum,14-15 September 2015 (presentation from 1hr:10min).

On challenges for Latvia in cyberspace and cooperation with outside actors – Cyberattacks and Propaganda. The Battlefield of the Future, Ministry of Defence Latvia & Latvian Institute of International Affairs, 1 April 2015 (presentation from minute 6:33).







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