The White Helmets in the Syrian Inferno


The Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI) and the Right Livelihood Award Foundation, in cooperation with Church of Sweden’s International Work invite you to a seminar with Syria Civil Defence - one of 2016 Right Livelihood Award Laureates.

Syria Civil Defence, also known as the White Helmets, consists of nearly 3.000 volunteers working as fire-fighters, search and rescue workers as well as medics in order to save civilians in the war-torn Syria. The group, impartial to political beliefs and religious affiliations, had as of October 2016 rescued more than 60.000 people.

By honouring their deep commitment to humanitarian action, Syria Civil Defence is receiving the 2016 Right Livelihood Award in Stockholm the day after the seminar.


Raed Al Saleh, Head of the Syria Civil Defence
Farouq Habib, Syria Civil Defence Relations Director, Mayday Rescue
Per Jönsson, associated editor and Middle East Analyst, UI.
Bitte Hammargren, editor and Middle East Analyst, UI.

The seminar will be moderated by Mats Karlsson, director at UI.
Date: Thursday, November 24, 2016
Time: 09.00-10.30. Free breakfast and registration from 08.30.
Location: The Swedish Institute of International Affairs,
Drottning Kristinas väg 37, Stockholm
Seminar fee: Free of charge
Language: English

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