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Schmidt-Felzmann, A. (2016) The breakdown of the EU's strategic partnership with Russia: from strategic patience towards a strategic failureCambridge Review of International Affairs, First view, February, 2016.

Eriksson, J. (2015) Frontier politics: the realm of dreamers (Editorial), Global Affairs, 1(4-5): 365-367.

Eriksson, J. (2016) Book review of "The Politics of Information: the case of the European Union", ed. by T. Blom and S. Vanhoonacker (Palgrave, 2014), Journal of Common Market Studies, vol 54(1): 204.

Lundborg, T. (2016) The virtualization of security: Philosophies of capture and resistence in Baudrillard, Agamben and Deleuze. Security Dialogue, February 2016, 1-16. Green access version.

Gustafsson, K. (2016) Routinised recognition and anxiety: Understanding the deterioration in Sino-Japanese relations. Review of International Studies, First view, January 2016: 1-21.

Hussein, C. (2015) The single-state alternative in Palestine/Israel. Conflict, Security and Development, 15:5, 521-547.

Borg, S. & Diez, T. (2015) Postmodern EU? Integration between alternative horizons and territorial angst. Journal of Common Market Studies, 54(1): 136-151.

Lyckman, Markus and Mikael Weissmann, "Global shadow war: a conceptual analysis", Dynamics of Asymmetric Conflict, Vol. 8, Iss. 3, 2015, pp: 251-262.

Rühlig, T. (2015) Hong Kong's umbrella movement in search of self-determination. UI Paper, no. 3, November, 2015.

Schmidt-Felzmann, A. (2015) Facing the Kremlin: Better brave than sorry, in Spruds, A.& Bukovskis, K.(eds.) Towards Reassurance and Solidarity in the Euro-Atlantic Community. Riga Conference Papers 2015, Riga: Latvian Institute of International Affairs, pp. 120-129. 

Gustafsson, K. (2015) Japanese Identity in a Globalized World: "Anti-Japanism? and Discursive Struggle, in Yoneyuki (ed.) Japan Viewed from Interdisciplinary Perspectives: History and Prospects, Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2015.

Gustafsson, K. (2015) Recognising Recognition Through Thick and Thin: Insights from Sino-Japanese Relations. Cooperation and Conflict, forthcoming.

Turner, O. (2015) China and the 2016 US Presidential Debates: Curiosities and Contradictions. UI Brief, no. 3, November, 2015.

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