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Hagström, L. & Hanssen, U. (2015) War is peace: the rearticulation of 'peace' in Japan's China discourse. Review of International Studies. First view, published online 19 June 2015.

Borg, S. (2015) European Integration and the Problem of the State. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Fägersten, B. (2015) Political Risk and the Commsercial Sector - Aligning Theory and Practice, Risk Management, 17, 23-39. 

Laskaris, S. & Kreutz, J. (2015) Rising Powers and the Responsibility to Protect: Will the Norm Survive in the Age of BRICS? Global Affairs 1(2): 149-158.

Weissmann, M. (2015) Chinese Foreign Policy in a Global Perspective: A Responsible Reformer "Striving For Achievement?. Journal of China and International Relations, 3(1), 151-166.

Rchmidt-Felzmann, A. (2015) Is the EU?s Failed Relationship with Russia the Member States? Fault? L'Europe en Formation, 2014/14 (no 374), 40-60.

Mannergren Selimovic, J. (2015) Challenges of Postconflict Coexistence: Narrating Truth and Justice in a Bosnian Town. Political Psychology, 36(2), 231-242.

Hagström, L. (2015) The Sino-Japanese battle for soft power: pitfalls and promises. Global Affairs, First View, Forthcoming.

Mannergren Selimovic, J. & Björkdahl, A. (2015) Gendering Agency in Transitional Justice. Security Dialogue, 46(2), 165-182.

Lundborg, T. (2015) The limits of historical sociology: Temporal borders and the reproduction of the 'modern' political present. European Journal of International Relations, First View, Forthcoming.

Jonson, L. (2015). Art and Protest in Putin's Russia. Routledge. 

Hagström, L. (2015) "The 'abnormal' state: Identity, norm/exception and Japan." European Journal of International Relations, 21(1), 122-145.

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