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Sörensen, J. (2014) "The Return of Plural Society: Statebuilding and Social Splintering". In Journal of Peacebuilding 2014.
Sörensen, J. (2013) "Intervention and Statebuilding in Kosovo" in Sisk & Chandler (Eds.) Routledge Handbook on International Statebuilding, Routledge.
Oldberg, I. (2014). Huntington's "Clash of Civilizations" and Russia. UI Brief Nr. 1, April 2014.
In The Chinese Journal of International Politics. Vol. 7, No. 1

Article correction

The author also published a short commentary in The Diplomat on the subject.

Hagström, L.  (2014) "The 'abnormal' state: Identity, norm/exception and Japan." In European Journal of international relations, published online ahead of print.

Rhinard M. et all (2014): Civil Security and the European Union. UI Papers nr. 2, April 2014


Fägersten, B. (2014) "European Intelligence Cooperation", in The Future of Intelligence: Challenges in the 21st Century, Routledge 2014

Bossong, R. and Rhinard, M. (2014) "The EU Internal Security Strategy: Towards a More Coherent Approach to EU Security?" in Studia Diplomatica 2013

Weissmann, M. (2014) "Chinese Soft Power and ASEAN's Constructive Engagement: Sino-ASEAN relations and the South China Sea", Kyoto Review of Southeast Asia, Issue 15 (March 2014). (Published in English, Bahasa Indonesian, Japanese and Thai)

Doeser, Fredrik (2014) "Sweden?s Libya decision: A case of humanitarian intervention", advance online publication, International Politics.
Lagerkvist, J. (2014) "China's Risky Reforms. Why Beijing has reason to worry", in Foreign Affairs, 19 February 2014.

Gerner, K., Namli, E. and Sandomirskaja, I. with intro by Jonson, L. (2014) Domestic roots of Russian foreign policy. Re-thinking strategy. A selection of conference papers. UI Occasional Paper 1, January 2014.

Weissmann, M. (2014) "Why is There a Relative Peace in the South China Sea?" in Chachavalpongun, P. (ed) Entering Unchartered Waters? ASEAN and the South China Sea, Institute of South East Asian Studies, 2014.
Kreutz, Joakim (2014) "How Civil War?s End (and Recur)", in The Routledge Handbook of Civil War, Newman E.G. and DeRouen Jr, K. (eds), Routledge, London.

Horgby, A. and Rhinard, M. (2013) The EU's Internal Security Strategy: Living in the Shadow of its Past, UI Occasional Paper 24, 2013.

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