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Bossong, R. & Rhinard, M. (eds.) (2016) Theorizing Internal Security in the European Union, Oxford University Press.

Gustafsson, Karl (2016) 'The "History Problem" in Sino-Japanese Relations: What's the Problem?' E-International Relations. 

Gustafsson, K. & Hagström L. (2016) "Forskningsproblem: Vad står på spel?", i Bremberg, Niklas; Hagström, Linus & Holmberg, Arita (eds.) Att forska: praktiker och roller, Stockholm: Carlssons bokförlag, pp. 96-118.

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Schmidt-Felzmann, Anke (2016)  "Sweden under attack!" Lessons from past incidents for coping with a comprehensive synchronized attack on critical energy and information infrastructure, in Niglia, Alessandro (ed) Critical Infrastructure Protection Against Hybrid Warfare Security Related Challenges, NATO Science for Peace and Security Series, D. Information and Communicaton Security, vol. 46, IOS Press, 63-87, DOI:10.3233/978-1-61499-699-6-63.

Schmidt-Felzmann, Anke (2016) European Security and Dialogue with Russia: The Necessary Return to Facts, in Spruds, Andris & Potjomkina, Diana (eds) Coping with Complexity in the Euro-Atlantic Community and Beyond: Riga Conference Papers 2016, Riga: LIIA, 91-105.

Mobjörk, M., Gustafsson, M.-T., Sonnsjö, H., Van Baalen, S., Dellmuth, L. M., Bremberg, N. (2016) Climate-Related Security Risks: Towards an Integrated Approach. Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Stockholm University and the Swedish Institute of International Affairs. October 2016.

Fägersten, B. & Peters, D. (2016) The Migration Referendum in Hungary. UI Brief, No. 1, September, 2016.

Engvall, J. (2016) 'The State as Investment Market: Kyrgyzstan in Comparative Perspective' University of Pittsburgh Press.

Gustafsson, K. (2016) Book Review of "China´s International Relations and Harmonious World: Time, Space and Multiplicity in World Politic" Internasjonal Politikk, Vol 74, No 3 (2016). 

Sonnsjö, H. & Bremberg, N. (2016) 'Climate Change in an EU Security Context: The Role of the European External Action Service'. Research report 2016, Stockholm University.

Blomdahl, M. (2016) 'Diversionary Theory of War and the Case Study Design: President Clinton`s Strikes on Iraq and Yugoslavia'. Armed Forces & Society. Published online before print June 8, 2016,1-21.

Schmidt-Felzmann, A. (2016) 'After the war i Ukraine: peace building and reconciliation in spite of the external aggressor' International Crisis Management. Volume 127: 151 - 161.

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