About UI

The Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI) is an independent institute and a platform for research and information on foreign affairs and international relations.

The institute's mission is to inform and enrich the public debate by promoting interest in and knowledge of foreign affairs and international relations. This mission is pursued through our research, events and by presence in the media. By means of our publications, the UI Blog: International Voices, participation in international networks and the Anna Lindh library, UI contributes to the dissemination of knowledge on international affairs and conditions in countries around the world.

The institute's experts include both researchers and analysts specialized in the field of international affairs. While maintaining a broad perspective, UI focuses on foreign and security policy issues of special relevance to Sweden. UI's research is based on unbiased scientific analysis. UI's other publications are editorially independent. UI as an organization does not take a stand on policy issues.

UI has a diverse funding base. The institute is funded by research grants and proceeds from publications and events. UI also receives government grants, which make up approximately one third of our funding.

Together with the Swedish National Defence College, UI runs the Anna Lindh library, a research library specializing in the areas of defence, foreign and security policy. UI is a non-profit organization founded in 1938. The parent body of the institute is Utrikespolitiska samfundet (The Swedish Society for International Affairs).

More about The Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI):
In 2013 UI celebrated it's 75th anniversary. Download a pdf about UI from 1938-2013.




UI Focus: Katarina Areskoug Mascarenhas

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Joint IR Seminar Series

Organised by UI together with Stockholm University and the National Defence College, the joint IR seminar series constitute a forum for constructive feedback during an ongoing research project.