European Global Strategy

European Global Strategy is a think tank-driven process designed to stimulate debate on the future direction of the European Union's external relations.

Sweden in your pocket

Give yourself, or your English-speaking friends, colleagues, and business associates a chance to learn more about Sweden in a quick and simple way.


The EU as crisis manager

What capacities does the EU have to manage crises? Why and how have these capacities evolved? How do they work and are they effective?

Global Affairs

Bridging the gap between academia, journalism and policy, the ambition of this new EISA publication is to provide European perspectives on global affairs. Launch is planned for 2014.


UI 75th Anniversary 2013

75 speakers in 6 workshops and 4 seminars with 500 participants. Video, text and photos from the 'Global Power Shifts?' conference is now online.

Joint IR Seminar Series

Organised by UI together with Stockholm University and the National Defence College, the joint IR seminar series constitute a forum for constructive feedback during an ongoing research project.