Juncker's Commission Vice Presidents: Good Intentions, Bad Idea

    Jean-Claude Juncker has introduced an unprecedented organizational innovation.

    One Pole to rule them all - what's in it for Sweden?

    The EU's new organigram illustrates Poland's elevation to a major player in European affairs.

    Is China becoming more powerful?

    Research results suggest that Chinese power often is exaggerated.

    Juncker's balancing act: did he get it right?

    Today's announcement by Commission President-elect Jean-Claude Juncker on 'who gets what' in the newly nominated Commission ends months of speculation about the distribution of portfolios.

    Explaining EU internal security cooperation

    A number of recent tragic events cast a sharp light on European Union (EU) cooperation in the area of internal security. This newly published book explores how well internal security cooperation takes place in practice.

    Mats Karlsson new Director at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs

    Mats Karlsson joined the Institute on 1 September, 2014

    Research project receives 6.6 million SEK

    In June 2014, the research project "Power Shift in East Asia: 'Soft Power' Analyses" has been granted 6.6 million SEK in funding from the Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation.

    Geopolitics and expertise in European diplomacy

    The question is not who is an expert - many people are - but how particular claims gradually come to be considered an expertise.

    Secularism divides Turkey

    The deep divide between secular and religiously motivated forces continue to shape Turkish politics.

    Sweden and Finland - ever closer to each other, ever closer to NATO?

    While Russia is no doubt the single most important country for Finnish defence policy, Sweden is now increasingly growing in importance.


    European Global Strategy

    European Global Strategy is a think tank-driven process designed to stimulate debate on the future direction of the European Union's external relations.

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    UI 75th Anniversary 2013

    Joint IR Seminar Series

    Organised by UI together with Stockholm University and the National Defence College, the joint IR seminar series constitute a forum for constructive feedback during an ongoing research project.