Call for applications: Research Positions on Great Power Relations and the Middle East

    UI is looking for Researchers, preferably at the postdoc level. Temporary positions are open for applications.

    New UI Brief: Corporate Social Responsibility 2014. Business as usual?

    Can and should companies be recognized as legal entities under International Human Rights Law?

    Gender and transition in Libya: mapping women's participation in post-conflict reconstruction

    This new UI Paper looks at the ongoing transitional period in Libya from a gender perspective.

    The election of the Commission President in 2014: a step forward for democracy in the EU?

    The battle over Juncker's election has been more than a clash of interests, writes Michael Shackelton, Maastricht University.

    Swedish security policy: facing some hard truths

    The 'Bertelman report' analyses Sweden's balancing act between efficiency, solidarity and sovereignty and delivers painful truths to Swedish policymakers.

    New UI Paper: Commercial or political interests - oil and gas in the Russian Arctic

    The Arctic is portrayed as a guarantee of continued economic security and wealth of Russia, but the challenges for offshore development in the far north are many.

    Press freedom of the Western Balkans - still a long way to go

    This article explores the current status of freedom of the press and information specifically in Serbia and Macedonia.

    Cybersecurity: a delicate trade-off

    The increased dependency on ICTs mark a transition. Cybersecurity is no longer the concern of tech geeks only.


    European Global Strategy

    European Global Strategy is a think tank-driven process designed to stimulate debate on the future direction of the European Union's external relations.

    Analysing change in EU institutions

    The latest international news, special articles, what?s happening in the world. Get it first!

    UI 75th Anniversary 2013

    Joint IR Seminar Series

    Organised by UI together with Stockholm University and the National Defence College, the joint IR seminar series constitute a forum for constructive feedback during an ongoing research project.