Security conference on the Baltic Sea Region

    Discussions looked at the changing strategic situation and military environment in the region.

    The geopolitical situation in the Middle East: Between terror and the dissolution of order

    The current megatrend in the Middle East seems to be the dissolution of a regional order writes Volker Perthes in International Voices.

    Sweden in NATO: will it ever be the right time?

    The question cannot be postponed indefinitely writes Regina Karp.

    Research conference: Uzbekistan behind the iron curtain

    UI is organizing a two-day research conference, 11-12 June, 2015, on the approaches used to analyze Uzbekistan's society, politics and identities.

    Call for applications: Head of Russia program

    UI is hiring a new head of its Russia program in the research department.


    European Global Strategy

    European Global Strategy is a think tank-driven process designed to stimulate debate on the future direction of the European Union's external relations.

    Challenges to EU Foreign and Security Policy

    The latest international news, special articles, what?s happening in the world. Get it first!

    UI 75th Anniversary 2013

    Joint IR Seminar Series

    Organised by UI together with Stockholm University and the National Defence College, the joint IR seminar series constitute a forum for constructive feedback during an ongoing research project.